Mindset – Part 1: True Wealth

Over the course of this multi-part lesson, you will learn all about mindsets. The two primary mindsets that we all have are “The Growth Mindset” and “The Fixed Mindset.” You will learn the difference between the two and how to move away from the one that holds most people back and towards the other that fostered the success of people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and pretty much all of the world’s most successful people.




I was twenty years old, desperate to get out of my hometown. I had already attempted it once and failed miserably. It was like I was attached to an unbreakable rubber band. The further away I got, the harder it would pull me back. That’s how I felt when I shamefully moved back to Casper, Wyoming. Many people love the small Wyoming city, and in some ways I envy them. I never could.

Earlier that summer, I had landed a job as a model scout and moved to Vancouver, Washington only to discover that I would be scamming innocent people into paying large amounts of money for an online modeling profile to a phony model placement agency.


The 10 Best Ways to Fund a Travel Lifestyle

If you’ve ever thought about traveling long term, or even indefinitely, then you’re probably interested in learning about the best options for making money while you travel. Too many people believe that travel is a privilege only for those wealthy enough to afford the luxury of it. The truth is, if you’re willing to sacrifice just a little luxury and comfort in exchange for greater experiences and adventure, travel becomes more than affordable! In fact, you can actually travel long term for less than the cost living many places in the U.S.

If you’re like me and you don’t like the idea of having to go back home to get another job and save up again for your next trip, then you will want to replenish your funds along the way. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top ten options for funding a travel lifestyle. (more…)

My First Week in Colombia

What an incredible first week in Colombia!

I flew into Cartagena on Tuesday, November 13 and it was an adventure right from the start. Most of people in Colombia are good, honest, and friendly people but, as a tourist in a foreign country, I still have to be cautious of dishonest people who take advantage of tourists.

I made the mistake of not researching the conversion rate from the U.S. dollar to Colombian Pesos and my cab driver took advantage of my ignorance. I found out only after the fact that  (more…)

Robbery and The Whales

La Maresita, our little white water taxi with its green canopy and vibrant red sun-faded shag carpeting, sped across the water.


We were racing so fast out into the ocean that with every wave we hit we were jolted in our seats. The waves were getting bigger and the impacts became so strong that each one made a loud cracking sound against the bottom of the boat. Eventually, we hit one so hard that I was actually concerned that the hull would split at any moment, leaving floating by our life vests in the ocean until we could be rescued. I looked over at Matt and saw the look of fear on his face. I knew at that point, I had to do something.


“What Do You Do?”

Welcome to The Wild and Beyond

I’ve been traveling over the past year and a half out of a van that I converted into a fully-livable RV. I recently left the United States and I am currently in Cabo San Lucas, the southern most point of Baja California Sur, Mexico. And, I hope to spend the next several years circumventing the globe before eventually returning to the U.S.

As a full-time traveler I meet new people nearly every single day and one of the first things people seem to always ask is “What do you do?” I used to think this meant, “What do you do for work?”, “What is your career?”, “What do you do for income?” That’s always how I interpreted the question, up until just before I started working for New York Times Bestselling Author, Neil Strauss. (more…)