This blog chronicles my adventures into The Wild & Beyond (i.e. my travels around the world).

I’m originally from Wyoming, lived in Austin, Texas for ten years, spent a year and a half in Los Angeles, and now I am currently somewhere in the world on an expedition circumventing the globe.

In LA I worked for a New York Times Bestselling Author, running two of the membership programs for his life development company. It was there I discovered that I was ready to sacrifice the ninety hour weeks in order to travel full-time and pursue my passions for adventure and storytelling.

In May 2015, I got rid of nearly everything I owned, loaded up my backpack with a few bare essentials and set out to live a more fulfilling lifestyle. I’ve been living on the road for nearly two years now, ran into some road block along the way, and I am now back on track building my new career as a Travel/Adventure Journalist.

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